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About Mässrestauranger

Mässrestauranger is a family-run company, owned and operated by sisters Maria Stridh and Kerstin Johansson and their mother Karin Johansson. What started in 1962 when their father Åke Johansson opened up a café in old St:Eriks Fair has in the past 50 years grown to a group of restaurant, banqueting and conference operations in well-known venues around Sweden.

Mässrestauranger has been the restaurateur at Stockholmsmässan since the start in the late 1960’s. Today we manage twelve restaurants and a number of pop-up cafés during fairs and other events. Together with Stockholmsmässan we also arrange large banquets and parties, sometimes with thousands of guests, as well as international congresses and conventions.

In 2012 the company expanded outside Stockholm and became the restaurateur at the new exhibition and event venue MalmöMässan. Here we run two restaurants, Cloud and Forest, as well as pop-up cafées during the fairs and catering for a large number of banquets and special events.

With the environment in focus

Mässrestauranger is actively working for a better environment and a sustainable society, based on our corporate values but also on our employees’ personal commitment to the environment. During an intense week of exhibitions our restaurants serve almost 50,000 cups of coffee, adding up to almost a million cups in one year. By choosing to serve only fair trade organic coffee we are able to preserve the environment and also contribute to a more sustainable society. Our commitment to the environment is a vital part of our ambition to be a contemporary and attractive employer, attracting dedicated employees joining our forces for a world with a better environment for all of us.

Social commitment and industry development support

Mässrestauranger is actively supporting important social causes such as local organisations Tjejzonen and BRIS. We also strive to be a part of the progress of the restaurant industry and the Swedish cuisine, thus sponsoring investments like Bocuse d’Or and founding a scholarship for outstanding contribution.